1946年9月,86名学生和七个教师开设克莱yabo sports可以买球吗蒙特,加利福尼亚州一个新的“男性本科学校”。 Classes began even before a name was chosen; the school was incorporated as Claremont Men’s College in the spring of 1947. CMC was the third Claremont College, following Pomona College and Scripps College.

许多第一批学生,以及学院的总裁乔治·yabo sports可以买球吗本森,被返回二战大兵。 The new college’s purpose was clear: to prepare future leaders of private and public enterprise through a distinctive liberal arts curriculum. Rather than train students for particular jobs in government and industry, CMC sought to produce graduates able to apply lessons from not only business and government courses, but the study of history, philosophy, literature, the arts, and sciences as well.


对于人的学院知识框架是由本森总统在与他的妻子梅布尔·本森密切合作开发。 Mabel Benson, who held a doctorate in literature from the University of Chicago, wrote the college’s first catalog, which stated CMC’s approach to the liberal arts for leadership. “There is no incompatibility between an education planned for specific types of leadership and an education designed to develop a liberally informed mind,” she explained. “In fact, real leadership presupposes the latter, and, in turn, a liberally informed mind can find no more satisfying vocation than in such leadership.”


这些崇高的学术志向在温和的环境中追求。 Despite bare bones facilities, the College’s strong sense of purpose established a powerful袍泽。 Many of the first students lived temporarily in the basement of Bridges Auditorium. Potted palms were placed in the quarters to liven the atmosphere, prompting students to call their new home the “Coconut Grove.”

本森与工作人员,教师校长和学生扫清了岩石和山艾树,现在什么是主要的,北国商城。yabo sports可以买球吗 They built a simple and open campus, with straight utilitarian lines, featuring windows and doors that opened onto the Mall and remained open year round in the Southern California sunshine. They followed shortly after with the dining hall. It served the entire student body and remains today a single, central, daily gathering place for every member of the campus.

CMC是如此承诺在第一年准备的文科教育的商业和公共领导者,它拒绝指定专业的概念。 By 1951, however, CMC established seven majors: accounting, business administration, economics, fine arts (with Scripps College), government, humanities, and international affairs. A senior thesis requirement was established and continues today as the capstone of a CMC education.


该学院有一个实用的演员。 This mission infused the whole student experience. In student and academic life, the College emphasized leadership. The administration attracted a dedicated faculty. They invested in their teaching, taught small classes, demanded much and were rewarded with a strong response. The disciplines of economics and government and the field of political economy were the heart of the curriculum. The mission took and became the College’s greatest strategic asset.

学术水平,设施和资源的高度升级与每个十年。 By the 1970s, as Claremont Men’s College was gaining recognition as a top-tier liberal arts college, the College’s leadership acknowledged coeducation as vital to its future development. Women were admitted in 1976, and in 1978 six transfer students composed the first class of women graduates. The College continued to be called Claremont Men’s College for the first five years of coeducation. In 1981, the College was renamed Claremont McKenna College, recognizing the role of founding benefactor and trustee Donald McKenna.

在CMC田径开始联合波莫纳 - 克莱蒙特队。 In 1957, CMC joined Harvey Mudd College to form CMC-HMC teams with the Stags mascot. With coeducation, the current Claremont-Mudd-Scripps women’s teams were created, adopting the Scripps Athena mascot. Though fitness and recreation have always been important to the CMC experience (the College maintains a physical education requirement), CMS Athletics has become highly competitive in NCAA Division III, with several teams typically in contention for national championships.


学院的文科教育作为领导基础的创始愿景一直贯穿CMC的发展和崛起是一致的。 CMC continues to require a broad general education requirement for all students, culminating in an ambitious senior thesis. The W.M. Keck Science Department run jointly with Scripps and Pitzer colleges was established in 1964.

CMC也随着时间的推移建立一个范围超越了传统的课程教育项目所独有的领先地位为重点的环境。 Eleven campus Research Institutes and Centers provide students with opportunities to collaborate with faculty to a degree normally only found at the graduate level. Nearly 75% of Claremont McKenna students participate in research with faculty.

自1970年以来,雅典娜主机扬声器区分每周都有几天午餐时,和晚餐地址。 The current Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum opened in 1983. Students are the primary audience and are joined by College faculty and staff. Speakers have included a broad array of leading intellectuals and artists, heads of state, and prominent authors.

演员理查德·托马斯与学生在阿特yabo sports可以买球吗

到了21世纪初,CMC是牢固树立为全国顶尖的文理学院,与领先的学者型教师的教师和致力于学院的成功校友的一个多才多艺的基地。 From that foundation, CMC made several leaps forward in the 2000s. After raising $635 million by 2013 through the largest capital campaign in liberal arts college history, older facilities were replaced with new energy efficient and architecturally significant ones, including the Kravis Center academic complex and the Roberts Pavilion athletics, events, and recreation center. Enrollment expanded from 1,000 students in 1999 to 1,300 students today and, as a result, faculty expanded to keep the faculty student ratio at 9:1 and 85% of classes taught with fewer than 20 students. A $200 million gift from alumnus and trustee Robert A. Day created an eponymous undergraduate and graduate scholars program in economics and finance. CMC continues to maintain one of the highest per-student endowments in higher education.


当前CMC措施包括学生势在必行,这已募集超过1亿$,以支持金融援助,以提供有针对性的研究和实习经验,并通过住宅和学生生活经验,培养和周到负责任的领导。 CMC has invested substantially in the sciences, computer science, and data science recognizing the growing importance of those disciplines to CMC’s emphasis on private and public sector leadership as well as to all of the College’s academic disciplines.

在美国学术界的文科传统,CMC演变唯一。 Claremont McKenna continues to develop as a committed liberal arts college, with an accent on practical success. It teaches doers and thinkers, steeped in the reflective tradition of the liberal arts, and sharpened by a concentration on how to apply ideas in the world. It became an institution whose graduates were both empowered and driven to make an impact, a mission unchanged since 1946.


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