Web Site Privacy and Terms of Use

1. Privacy of Personal Information

Claremont McKenna College does not share personal information that is provided voluntarily through web forms or other means, including standard web server log files.

2. Web Server Log Files

Claremont McKenna College uses standard web server log files to collect site visitation statistics. Web server logging does collect machine-specific information such as IP address, operating system, and web browser type. Logs may also provide information about user pathways through the web site. The College collects this information in order to understand how its web site is used and to plan for future enhancements to the web site.

3. Cookies

克莱蒙特亚博棋牌平台·麦肯纳学院的网站使用cookies。 Cookies support the site visitation statistics process and support functions such as forms processing. Visitors to our web site may reject any or all of our cookies by using their web browser's preferences. Site visitors should be aware that certain features of the Claremont McKenna College web site, such as forms and surveys, require the use of cookies to function properly.




亚博棋牌平台CMC在制作领导者和所有其他名称,标识,印章,或其他能代表学院的符号是克莱蒙特·麦肯纳学院的注册商标。亚博棋牌平台 Use, reproduction, copying, or redistribution of trademarks, without the written permission of Claremont McKenna College, is prohibited.



个人和非政府部门的网页不是学院的官方声明,并克莱蒙特·麦肯纳学院是不负责的每一页的内容。亚博棋牌平台 While College departments strive to ensure the accuracy of their material on the web, discrepancies may exist between printed and electronic information. In any such case please contact the originating department directly.

个人或者非政府部门的网页中表述的观点不应被理解为那些他们的作者,谁是全权负责信息包含在其中的。 If you have questions or comments about a particular page or document, please contact its author directly.

有些克莱蒙亚博棋牌平台特·麦肯纳学院的网页包含链接到由学院的外源创建的网页。 The existence of these links does not suggest any implicit or explicit approval of or endorsement of the linked web pages and their content by the College.

网络团队负责克莱蒙特·麦肯纳学院主页的设计和维护。亚博棋牌平台 It is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of information provided by other departments or individuals. If you have any general comments, suggestions, questions, or concerns about Claremont McKenna College's web pages, please direct them to the Web Team (webteam@claremontmckenna.edu)。

虽然克莱蒙特·麦肯亚博棋牌平台纳学院不会定期屏幕或监视器的内容由用户张贴到网站,学院有权删除违反本声明或其他相关政策条款的内容的权利,但没有义务这样做。 For additional relevant policies, please see the政策和程序在克莱蒙特·麦肯纳学院信亚博棋牌平台息系统和技术的网站页面。